Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Design Is Depicted By Schematics: Many rumors related to the features and design in upcoming flagship device of Apple are circulating on the internet from past few months. It is rumored that in this year three iPhone models will be released, named as iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. iPhone 7s and 7s plus is thought to be updated version of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus while iPhone is considered as a brand new anniversary edition of the company. A new leak is now available on the Chinese social networking site that reveals the body design of upcoming iPhone 8.

A technical schematics of an upcoming iPhone 8 showing some designs details and leak of next generation iPhone is has shown online. On the Chinese social networking site, the leaked images of upcoming iPhone 8 can be seen. These images are supposed to come from Foxconn. In the image, we can see the iPhone 8 with very fewer bezels on the sides and top and bottom bezels are also very minimal as compared to its last year launched iPhone 7. This design is almost giving it bezel-less look just that that was claiming so far in most of the rumors.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Schematics
Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Schematics

         Body Design Of Upcoming Apple iPhone 8

On looking back of the device, dual rear camera system and flash are stacked vertically in the top left corner and below the logo of Apple, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor is present. However, most of the rumors suggested that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the display but it seems that from the recent image of iPhone 8 Touch ID fingerprint sensor will only be present at the back side of the device. In the images, dimensions of the device are also depicted.

As we can see in the table, the image is supposed to be the EVT 03 design. Engineering Validation Test (EVT) is early stage product development test that represents the different designs and before the design is finalized it has to be the first pass through the Design Validation Test and Product Validation Test stages.

So we can say that all the designs showing in schematics may not be the final design of the upcoming smartphone. Some reports in few weeks also suggested that Apple is facing some problems in manufacturing the device with embedded Touch ID sensor. If it is true then EVT 03  may be an optional design in case if Apple will not be able to resolve the issues that are coming in its way. The leaked image of upcoming iPhone shows the height of device 149mm tall, 72.5mm wide and 7.1mm thin.

Rumors suggesting that iPhone 8 will feature 3D sensing front camera, wireless charging, improved water resistance and more. It is expected that the all the three models will be announced in the fall.


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