Xperia X Concept Users To Get Android 7.1.2 This Week: Most probably the Sony Xperia X Concept Users may be the next one to be getting the Android 7.1.2 update, which is planned for some experimental tracks for the week bringing some minor improvements i.e Bluetooth Connectivity & much more. Although Google has already been pushing up this final Android 7.1.2 update for selected devices for a week now & it has also been noticed with some unexpected issues on to the few Nexus & Pixel devices as of now.

Xperia X Concept Users To Get Android 7.1.2 This Week: 

The official features of the update include some improvements in the fingerprint swipe performances, as earlier said the Bluetooth connectivity will be getting improved, the battery consumption alerts & several other minor improvements will be carried along this update as the Concept team over at Sony told.

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Sony Xperia X: To Get Android 7.1.2 This Week

As most of you might not be aware of the Concept for Android from Sony, it was announced by the company sometimes earlier & they called it as “Re-architectured Software” that would enable to provide some speedy updates to their users. Though the fingerprint swipes not being a part of the Concept, will not be applicable in this cases, so this might be an exception this time that need not be worried about.

New users who just came to know about the Concept for Android from Sony can download & join the program through the Play Store very easily. But on the thing that should be kept in mind is that it will be very much limited to the European single SIM variants of the Sony’s Xperia X, F5121. So don’t wait anymore just check for the update & go for it, have fun.


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