Microsoft’s “Cortana Speaker” Powered with Harman Kardon

Microsoft's "Cortana Speaker" Powered with Harman Kardon

Microsoft’s “Cortana Speaker” Powered with Harman Kardon: In Windows, a new feature “Cortana speaker” a new voice assistant device with Harman Kardon could be seen soon suggested by reports. This speaker is looking very much similar to the Amazon’s Echo – a smart home assistant speaker. With this device, Microsoft will compete with its rival Google Home and Amazon Echo.

 Microsoft Will Bring Cortana Speaker To Assist You at Your Home

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana is already present in Windows phone, Xbox and Window’s PC with every installation of Windows 10 and it is without any doubt an excellent technology which is successfully impressing its users around the world. Now Microsoft is going to enter into new a hardware with Cortana speaker from Harman Kardon so that Microsoft will be able to provide its services into homes.  Apart from this, Microsoft is also planning to launch other smart home devices integrated with Cortana.

It seems that company is pushing its limit from the PC market and taking its steps to become a part of the society through the Home Hub project. In late 2016, Microsoft unveiled Cortana powered speaker with Harmo\an Kardon. It is reported that this device will be launch in 2017 for the consumers. With the launch of Cortana speaker, Microsoft is trying to make another way to bring its services for the customers.

Microsoft is also working with Nissan and Volkswagen to provide its technologies into their cars and in Nissan’s next-gen cars, Cortana will be present in the dashboards to give its service.


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