Touch ID For iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8 Leaks With New Touch ID Placement

iPhone 8 Chassis Leak Suggesting Rear Touch ID: Apple new iPhone leaks expectation are getting more better day by day after Galaxy S8 launch, as new leaks suggest that Apple finally opting new design change to their flagship and too many internal changes than ever before. Apple will introduce new Design, New OLED Display, More Better Camera and much more.

iPhone 8 Chasis Leaks

Talking about latest leaks in which we saw an iPhone 8 Chassis leaks which were based on previous leaks that appear earlier this week, as leak suggest the new iPhone will feature Touch ID sensor on its rear side as Apple has difficulty in integrating Touch ID Sensor on the front side of display but however this process require time and it seems that Apple will not able to complete this process on time. As this design is not new to smartphone world as many androids manufacturers already feature their fingerprint sensor at the back side of the phone like Google Pixel or LG G6.

Back Side iPhone 8 Chassis
iPhone 8 Chassis Leaks Back Side

The above leaked image was first seen in the Weibo, which suggest new Vertical Dual Camera cutout above a flash cutout that we’ve seen on other claimed leaks and schematics. The dual camera feature on of the selling factor of iPhone 7 Plus model and making the new design change will make people more attracting toward this device.

iPhone 8 Body Design Leak
Body Design iPhone 8 Chassis Leaks

Flagship war is getting hotter day by day as smartphone like Galaxy S8, LG G6 already show their future of smartphone and upcoming smartphones like Pixel 2, Moto Z2 and various other are also ahead of Apple, so Apple have to feature some best design changes to their smartphone or else they will suffer alot in this era of throat cutting competition. New iPhone will get new OLED display as rumor suggesting that Apple has ordered over 70 Million units of the OLED display which means that Apple is finally ready with their device. New iPhone 8 is expected to have 5.8-inch OLED display with a nearly bezel-less design with a smaller casing that the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. While some hardware component like Front Camera, Facial Sensor, Proximity Sensor are also hidden beneath the display.

iPhone 8 Vertical Camera Setup
iPhone 8 Dual Vertical Camera Setup

Talking about Apple design of Touch ID sensor embedded in the display might lead to failure as this concept is very much likely among user and people will love this feature. One analyst earlier this week floated the unlikely idea that Apple could drop the Touch ID altogether, although alleged leaks we’ve seen so far all point to Touch ID on the back.


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