Reports Suggesting Apple Working On Augmented Reality Glasses: A new leaked report on health and safety suggested that Apple is may be working on its own Augmented Reality glasses. This report came from incidents that happened at the workplace. Gizmodo obtained the leaked report that describes the accidents such as running into doors, employees suffering from eye strain problems and the employee was hit by an Apple minivan.

    Incidents Showing Apple Is Possibly Working On                               Augmented Reality Glass 

In an incident, an Apple employee had experience of discomfort in her eye and it was said that she was able to see the laser flash at several points during the study. In another incident, an employee faced eye strain issues and two employees had eye injuries from the lasers that were attached with some type of headgear. These incidents suggesting Apple is working on wearable Augmented reality device.

Another report noted that a pedestrian ( Apple employee) was hit by an Apple minivan while crossing the sidewalk from the opposite direction. The injuries report suggested the testing that may be are doing on the rumored product of Apple. The injury reports of the eye like pain and strain indicate the Apple plans on Augmented Reality glass.

Apple’s interest in Augmented Reality was disclosed by Apple CEO Tim Cook previously but he did not speak about in what form they would take it. Some rumors and patents also hint that we may have Apple AR headset in the future.


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