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Apple iPhone 8 Price Question

Newer iPhone Will Become More Premium In Price: As we are approaching releasing date of another flagship thriller from Apple, people concern over price is also raising as many analysts and leaker are suggesting that iPhone 8 model will be priced at over $1000 which is a lot for a smartphone, as Apple put lots of effort and material which cost this device this much, many other manufacturers are still not able to break $1000 barrier. Comparing other brands which also using same hardware and material still costs less but Apple is making this price deal little heavy.

Analysts are expecting the price people will pay for an iPhone to rise significantly heading into next year. Apple analyst Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley released a report from Business Insider, they are predicting Apple will raise the price of iPhone to $753 in 2018 which is significant price up from recent holiday quarter which is $695.

As Apple made significant specs bump in 10-year duration from LCD display to OLED, bezel-less display and various other improvement add a little bit extra for manufacturing. The analyst also noted that people are significantly interested in larger iPhone model than ever before as Apple adds little bit tweaks which capture people minds, as Plus model cost about $120 extra compared from smaller 4.7″ model.

In some countries, Apple sold their device for over $1000, like in India which is a lot already so a newer device like iPhone 8 will become heftier for common reach as Apple is trying to manufacture their smartphone in India which help them to reduce a cost of device little extra. The Morgan Stanley report indicated that Wall Street is concern about iPhone average selling price at $675 for the coming year. Apple already reported a $695 iPhone average selling price in the 2016 holiday quarter where the product mix leaned toward the more expensive iPhone 7 Plus models.

Recent customer attraction over larger model shows that customer is already wanted to pay extra for more feature and Apple is keeping this thing in their mind and this trick will help Apple play more in recent years. Apple may be planning that next iPhone will have 3 model called as iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 or X, as expected iPhone 8 will have higher price point among all of the lineup. Apple can make iPhone 7S little bit more affordable which attract more customer to their device.

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Recent leaks and peek already made user enthusiast about new iPhone like Larger Display, not Body, OLED Display, More Battery, New Design and various other. iPhone 8 is a most expecting device not only from Apple side but also from a customer as it showed a decade of a relationship among them, as iPhone still many favorites among user but competition in a market made things more difficult for Apple. Even though iPhone 8 model is much more premium, people will expect for iPhone 7 Plus successor as this device will have average price and specs and people will love this device than any other iPhone model as larger device fulfill their demands of usability and content consumption.

New iPhone will give Apple new stock price as an analyst are expecting APPL will be trading above $160 which significant growth than ever before. Apple will cross $1Trillion Worth if these expectations are true and become first tech companies to cross Trillion Dollar mark. Apple still trading at about $140 recently but this may spike up from September hope this will bring some new innovation from Apple side as other brands already swiping from Smartphone business and turning their focus to future technology like AR or VR and Apple are also investing in them. So hope you may like this article, for more stay connected with us and hope to see you later.For more iPhone 8 leaks visit here.


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