New Surface Pro From Microsoft Might Just Have A Little Update With Kaby Lake

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New Surface Pro

New Surface Pro From Microsoft Might Just Have A Little Update With Kaby Lake: Since the last release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 somewhere in the end of 2015, we all haven’t been introduced to any newer Surface device that might have hit the market. Most of us have already got bored of the so much older 2 in 1 from Microsoft & are expecting for a newer Surface Pro 4 very soon. But expecting won’t do everything & as all the rumors for the Spring hardware event are making rounds, we may get just a single one this time.

New Surface Pro From Microsoft Might Just Have A Little Change With Kaby Lake:

If sources are to be taken into consideration then according to a Microsoft watcher, the upcoming Surface tablet might be just a refreshed Surface Pro with Kaby Lake & few updated internals. That will be a bit disappointing for the users that were expecting much more than this from a much longer time. If this thing is going to be true then the new Surface Pro will be just getting a little refresh over the earlier version in every aspect of the design, may be the ports presence too. We were all expecting from Microsoft this time to at least add an USB Type-C port for future proofing.

There was also an updated image for the Surface Pro 4 that was found on twitter, which shown up an updated date to 5.9.17. Considering the Build is right around the corner, that might be just a perfect time for the announcement of the new hardware too. The perfect time to release any hardware seems to be the May 9 as the press will be in Seattle on that day getting prepared for the BUILD starting on the 10th.

So, guys, let’s see whether this Surface Pro is going to be just a refreshed one with Kaby Lake or something is going to change in the meantime, we will be letting you all know any further update on to that one, keep in touch with us only on


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