Apple’s AirPods Facing Short-Supply Issue: Will Become available In Some Time

AirPods Facing Short-Supply Issue
AirPods Facing Short-Supply Issue

Apple’s AirPods Facing Short-Supply Issue: Will Become available In Some Time: In September last year, Apple had launched its wireless AirPods alongside the iPhone 7. It is the latest product delivery by the Apple for the iPhone users but the problem associated with the device is that shipment of the device is very limited.

Apple’s AirPods Facing Short-Supply Issue

If you are the one who hasn’t buy AirPods and want to pair your iPhone with Apple’s Airpod then you have to make the wait for some time. The AirPods are out of stock at the online store like Amazon and Best Buy. It is also not available at most of the Apple retail stores. 

After the ditching of the headphone jack in iPhone 7, Apple has launched its wireless earbuds to fulfill the need of the consumer. The AirPods are wireless earbuds that come with charging the case and USB lightning cable. It provides five hours of listening time on a single charge and can last up to a day if you are only taking phone calls or just listening music for some time.

AirPods have Apple’s latest W1 chip which is attached to dual optic sensors and accelerometer in each AirPods while other headphones work on Beats Solo3, BeatsX and Beats Power Beats3.  Apart from listening music and attending the call, AirPods also supports Siri so you can easily operate your Apple device by using simply double tapping the Airpods. Apple’s AirPods having all these features is come at price $159.

It is reported that Apple is working on the production of the AirPods and will make sure the smooth supply of the device as soon as possible for its customers. Hoping that the company will fulfill the demand of the device soon for the customers who are willing to buy the AirPods.


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