Apple May Release Only Two iPhone Models This Year Instead Of Three

Apple Future In iPhone
Apple Future In iPhone

Apple May Release Only Two iPhone Models This Year Instead Of Three: Many rumors were suggesting that Apple will launch three iPhones this year but now according to a new report, Apple will launch only two new iPhones this year. It was expecting that the three new iPhones – update models of last year released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a larger brand new iPhone 8 model having different design and features, will come this year.

   We May Have Only Two iPhone Models Will Release In This Year

A Foxconn insider who has provided information to MicGadget that Foxconn has received orders for making only two iPhones instead of three. It is indicating that we will see only two new models of iPhone this year, not three.

“We know that lots of iPhone owners want to buy new iPhone with new features and display size. But rumors say that Apple will be released two iPhone 7S and one iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition) models. Today we can tell you that it’s not true,” – a view on the report of MicGadget.

Recently Apple has given massive order for OLED panels to the Samsung that indicates in the upcoming models of iPhone 8 OLED display will be present. If it will going to be true then it would give a new feature to the iPhone. Apart from this, it is also rumored that the both smartphones will have the dual rear-facing camera. Few reports also suggest that all these new features will come at standard price range planned by Apple means it will not be much costly than expected.

In the iPhone Edition model, Apple is trying to integrate Touch ID fingerprint Technology embedded into the display. If Apple will successfully do this then it would be first iPhone featuring Touch ID embedded into the screen. Some reports suggested that Apple is facing problem in embedding Touch ID into the screen and trying to resolve the issues. The company is also facing problem in receiving the different components required to make the completely new iPhone Edition different from the rest.

All these issues are said to be the reason behind the delay of iPhone Edition(iPhone 8) so there are chances that in this year only two models of the iPhone will be released. It is possible that the iPhone 8 may release later in 2017 or may take 2018 to release.


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