A New Leak Suggesting Wireless Charging In Upcoming iPhone 8: Wireless charging in upcoming iPhone 8 is one of the most talks about a feature that may present in the smartphone. It is rumored that Apple is working on long-range wireless charging support. The wireless charging in iPhone 8 might be a key feature in the device. Now a new image from @OnLeaks hints the wireless charging in upcoming iPhone 8.

At looking back of the image a round surface is seen that indicates a kind of conducting surface that might be used to charge the device.In this image, we can see the two vertically set cameras as that were seen in previously leaked schematics. And in the middle of the cameras, a flash is placed. At the top of the device in the image, four holes next to the speaker is also present that possibly indicates two selfie cameras and might be a selfie flash. In the iPhone 7, only one camera is present.

         Upcoming iPhone 8 With Many New Features

The important thing in this schematic of iPhone 8, there is no Touch ID sensor shown in the image. Many leaks and rumors previously suggested that the Touch ID sensor may present at the rear of the device as Apple is facing some problems in integrating the Touch ID fingerprint Technology into the display. Now as in this image Touch ID is not seen, it is possible that Apple may resolve the issues to integrate Touch ID into the display.

Another feature that may present in iPhone 8 is the almost bezel-less screen. The screen is expected to be without the physical home button. However, the smartphone having an edge-to-edge display is already launched by Samsung. We can see the almost no bezel in the recently launched Galaxy S8.

So from all the rumors that are speculating around, which features will actually be present in upcoming iPhone 8? It will be clear only after the release of most awaiting iPhone 8 this year. Apple is known for its different and quality product line, the company always try to deliver the best products for its users. Great expectations are associated with the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Hopefully, it will be best ever smartphone of the company for its users.


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