‘How To Shot On iPhone 7’-Video Series Launched By Apple

iPhone 7 Capture Session
Apple iPhone 7 Camera how to capture

‘How To Shot On iPhone 7’-Video Series Launched By Apple: Apple released a new series of video on its website so that iPhone users can learn to take best pictures with their iPhone 7. Many short videos are uploaded which guides you take better pictures with iPhone 7. These videos tell about various modes of taking pictures that are very useful while taking pictures.

   Apple’s Complete Guide To Make Images Better

Each video runs for about 40 seconds and provides tips to shot in a very easy way for the iPhone 7 users. It provides guidelines for close-up shots, vertical panoramas, shots without flash, action shots, street light, one-handed selfies and much more. Tips for editing selfies are also given in the video.

How Capture Photos From iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 Capture Session

In the video, step-by-step instructions are provided which is very simple to follow in order to take best images. For example, in a video naming “How to shot without flash on iPhone 7” three steps are given to instruct you. In step 1 – Find a light source, step 2- Turn off the flash, step 3- Tap subject to set exposure and shot. In the end of the video, a brief summary is also seen.

Taking images is one of the most loving features that smartphones provide for the users and Apple’s iPhone 7 has done a lot to give best images and videos for its consumers. Now providing video tutorials is a great way of Apple to teach users of the device so that they can utilize its functions related to the images that can be taken from the device very effectively.

Apple has released 17 such videos on How to shoot on iPhone 7 website and you can also find some of the videos on YouTube channel.


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