Apple May Introduce Updated MacBook and MacBook Pro At WWDC

WWDC 2017
WWDC 2017

Apple May Introduce Updated MacBook and MacBook Pro At WWDC: Apple May Introduce Updated MacBook and MacBook Pro At WWDCAccording to the report of Bloomberg Apple may announce latest versions of the MacBook and MacBook Pro at Worldwide Developers Conference which is scheduled to held from June 5 to June 9 starting from 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The most affordable notebook of Apple will also have new updates at WWDC. It is expecting that there will be no change in the external appearance of the MacBook Pro, only internal updates will be done.

The MacBook Pro is currently running on Skylake Processors which will be updated with a new fast running Kaby Lake Processor. The company had updated the MacBook Pro last time in October 2016 which added a Touch Bar into it instead of function keys and the laptop was made thinner than the previous model. The updated version successfully gained popularity among users and it has done a good business in the market of laptops.

MacBook, MacBook Pro, And MacBook Air With Updated Processors

Apple has updated its MacBook last in April 2016, after that, Apple is going to update it in upcoming WWDC 2017. It is the possibility that it will also update with new fastest running Kaby Lake Processor.

If we are talking about MacBook Air, Apple is also considering to update its MacBook Air which was last updated in March 2015. The MacBook Air is the most affordable notebook of Apple and because of this, it is surprisingly one of the most selling laptops. According to Bloomberg, Apple may update it with the new processor so that it will remain the favorite choice of the buyers as an affordable laptop.

Apple may announce the updated notebooks at WWDC June 5 keynote. It is also rumored that at the event Apple might introduce a new Siri speaker and 10.5-inch iPad Pro which is expecting to have fewer bezels providing the almost edge-to-edge display.

However, there is no report related to the update of iMac or Mac Mini which are not updated from some time. Apple updated the iMac last time in October 2015 and Mac mini was updated last time in October 2014. For the users, it is really a long time that they didn’t get any updates for their device. Apple is reportedly working on updates of iMac but when it will be available it is not clear. Hoping that Apple will provide updates for iMac soon for their users. This time Apple is mainly focusing on upcoming WWDC where developers from all over the world will come and will meet with the Apple’s engineers and share their ideas with them. The event will be held from June 5 to June 9 in Sane Bose, California.


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