Apple New Patent Hinted Flexible Display On Apple Watch 3: Apple Watch is making huge new success for Apple as recent reports show that Apple has sold overall 60% of overall smartwatch shipment in the first quarter of 2017 which surpasses Fitbit overall shipment. Apple Watch also made more customers satisfaction than another smartwatch created yet. So developing Apple Watch to do more than which still smartwatch lacks.

Apple has started their another development of Apple Watch which may call as Apple Watch 3, Apple has registered a new patent which is applied to any display, the display can now be bent, rolled and foldable easily which give more flexibility to hardware designers to add more feature on it. As this patent was published at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and this patent may be used in upcoming Apple Watch and portable ‘TV’.

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Apple Patent On Upcoming Apple Watch 3

This new patents “Display Module and System Applications” opens a new way possibilities show that Apple Watch 3 will have new design rather than recent previous Apple Watch Design. Apple can also use display more accurately and more diversely. Now many features like Watch Face will look more diverse in this new display, as curved display provides more deepness to display rather than the recent flat display which will be molded into the curved design. Underneath the flexible display area would a network of LEDs and microchips.

Apple is not new to flexible display as we have seen Apple has patented already certain flexible design display in November 2016, Apple was granted the patent for a bendable, flexible and smartphone, and it not new that people are expecting that iPhone 8 will use this feature. Apple was granted a patent for a method of affixing OLED or LCD panels onto a flexible mesh substrate. Apple is still perfecting this technology so that they’ll able to provide maximum satisfaction from customers.

So new Apple Watch 3 is going to be better than recent Apple Watch series 2 as Apple Watch will get the new design, more battery and more feature than another smartwatch. For more news and leaks please stay connected to Tech Awareness on Twitter.


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