New leaked Images Of iPhone’s molds reveals size of iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Molds Leaks
Apple iPhone 8 Molds Leaks

New leaked Images Of iPhone’s molds reveals the size of iPhone 8: Many rumors suggesting that Apple will launch three new iPhone models this year. The two iPhone models are expecting to be the improved version of last year’s release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that will be possibly named as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus while the one is expecting to be the flagship model that might be called as iPhone 8. Many rumors and leaked images in the past have suggested specifications and body design that upcoming models of iPhone may have.

In between so many rumors and leaks, a fresh news is emerging related to the design of upcoming iPhone models. A new series of pictures that representing molds for all three upcoming models of iPhone are available. These pictures were first shown on Weibo.

      iPhone 8 Will Be Larger In size Than iPhone 7 

In the picture, three iPhone models are seen, the middle one representing the iPhone 8 which is slightly large than iPhone 7s. According to previous reports that suggest  there would be almost bezel-less edge to edge display in iPhone 8, the size of the screen in iPhone 8 will be nearly same as in iPhone 7 Plus but the size of the body of the iPhone 8 will be nearly equal to the iPhone 7. This would be possible due to having almost no bezels in the display. most of the space on the front side will be occupied by the screen in the upcoming iPhone 8.

After viewing the images, it is concluded that the upcoming flagship iPhone 8 model will be slightly taller and wider than iPhone 7.

In the images, it is also visible that the orientation of the rear camera in iPhone 8 is vertical as suggested in previous schematics of iPhone 8 design.

According to the image of molds, there will be no changes in the body design of upcoming iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models.

Other rumors that are associated with upcoming iPhone 8 is that it would come with Touch ID sensor embedded into the display, however, some earlier leaked schematics also suggested that the Touch ID sensor will be placed at the rear position of the device. it is believing that location of Touch ID sensor in the device will soon reveal by the company.

Other features that upcoming iPhone 8 may have includes 3D sensing front camera, Augmented Reality feature, wireless charging, improved waterproofing, glass chassis, A11 chip and much more.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 models are likely to unveil in September and availability of the device will be in the month of October, in accordance with the previous report. The cost of flagship iPhone 8 is assuming to be higher.


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