Small Screen iPhone SE Topped Customer Satisfaction Survey

Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE

Small Screen iPhone SE Topped Customer Satisfaction Survey: Apple’s iPhone SE has gained top position in the Annual data of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). In spite the fact that majority of the smartphones with larger display size are manufactured, it is a great achievement for the iPhone SE that it has managed to top the data.

In the data, four-inch iPhone SE has acquired Customer Satisfaction score of 87 out of 100. After getting this point, SE has beaten the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and iPhone 7 Plus from 1 point. Both the smartphones received the score of 86 out of 100.

To obtain this result, a survey was conducted for 12 months from May 2016 to April 2017 in which ACSI interviewed 36,194 consumers in the United States. After taking the review from users via various means, this data was formed.

“Over the past few years, the general trend for smartphones has been toward larger screens,” “But apparently, consumers were craving a new iteration of a smaller, less expensive phone as the iPhone SE – Apple’s first update to a 4-inch phone since 2013 – comes in first in ACSI this year.” –  said by  ACSI Managing Director David VanAmburg.


In the list, most of the smartphones are among iPhone series and Samsung models. After the iPhone SE, the list includes Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and iPhone 7 Plus scored 86 out of 100. While iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus received similar score 83 out of 100.

Top 17 Smartphones that entered into the data list are given below:

  1. iPhone SE – 87 out of 100
  2. Galaxy S6 Edge+ – 86 out of 100
  3. iPhone 7 Plus – 86 out of 100
  4. Galaxy S6 Edge – 85 out of 100
  5.   Galaxy S7 – 84 out of 100
  6. Galaxy S7 Edge – 84 out of 100
  7. iPhone 6 Plus – 83 out of 100
  8. iPhone 6s Plus – 83 out of 100
  9. iPhone 7 – 83 out of 100
  10. Galaxy Note 5 – 82 out of 100
  11. Galaxy Note 4 – 81 out of 100
  12. Galaxy S5 – 80 out of 100
  13. iPhone 5 – 80 out of 100
  14. iPhone 5s – 80 out of 100
  15. iPhone 6s – 80 out of 100
  16. Galaxy S6 – 79 out of 100
  17. iPhone 6 – 79 out of 100

iPhone SE was launched by Apple in March 2016, to fulfill the demand of smaller handsets for those who just simply wants small size smartphones. The iPhone SE is also a budget friendly device with the convenient size.

The data of ACSI based upon the fact that how much a device is able to satisfy the user, it actual does not depend upon its performance and market share in selling terms


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