Touch ID Sensor Will Be Embedded Into Display In “iPhone 8”: According to a new report from Chinese-language Economic Daily News, the upcoming iPhone 8 will have Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology integrated into the OLED display of the device. It seems that Apple has finally resolved all the issues that were associated with that. The embedded Touch ID sensor will replace the physical Touch ID home button which is present in current iPhone models. The upcoming iPhone 8 will be the first device of Apple to have embedded Touch ID sensor into the display.

        iPhone 8 With New Features And Body Design   

Apparently, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), talked about features and design that will be present in iPhone 8 at the TSMC 2017 NA Technology Symposium which was held in Taipei on Thursday. At this event, TSMC also discussed the changes that will be present in the display of upcoming iPhone 8, according to TSMC, the new redesigned OLED display of the iPhone 8 won’t have the physical home button, instead of that “optical fingerprint sensor” will be integrated into the display.


It was earlier reported that Apple is facing some issues in embedding Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the display, so the sensors might be present at the rear side of the device. Earlier leaked schematics and leaked images on various social networking site also shown that fingerprint sensor will be located on the back side of the iPhone 8 which suggested that it could be the alternative design of the device in case if Apple would not be able to integrate the sensor into the display.

If the information from the TSMC is going to be true then it will be a great news for all the Apple fans who were disappointed by hearing that Touch ID might not be present in the OLED display of the iPhone 8.

TSMC also suggested that the screen ratio of the display on the new smartphone will also change from 16:9 on iPhone 7 to 18:5:9. Other features claimed by the report are iris/facial recognition feature that will be work by using front camera of the device.

Apart from the Touch ID sensor, other features that are claimed to be present in iPhone 8 includes invisible infrared image sensors which will make the camera of the smartphone more efficient and to enable augmented reality features in the device. Redesigned appearance with steel and glass chassis is also assuming to be part changes in iPhone 8 as compared to previous models. The almost bezel-less display that will enlarge the screen size to 5.8-inches is also a rumored feature of iPhone 8.

Apple will launch iPhone 8 in the fall with the premium price as compared to previous models of the iPhone.  In this year, along with iPhone 8, it is also rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus which will be improved versions of current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


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