Apple Is Working On AI Chip Known As Apple Neural Engine

Apple Neural Engine
Apple Is Working On AI Chip Known As Apple Neural Engine

Apple Is Working On  AI Chip Known As Apple Neural Engine: According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a processor that will be able to do all AI-related tasks such as speech and facial recognition in a much-improved manner. As per the report, internally the chip is named as “Apple Neural Engine”. With the development of new chip, more advanced Artificial Intelligence will be available into the products of company and battery life will also be improved due to offloading demanding AI processing tasks.

Apple Neural Engine May The Apple New AI

It is also reported that Apple’s new AI chip would be integrated into iPhones and iPads so that the hardware will show better performance over time. It will also be possible that Apple may give developers access to the chip and the chip would be able to perform tasks such as the use of facial recognition in photos application, speech recognition, and to power the iPhone’s and iPad’s predictive keyboard – says report.

Since last few months, it is rumored that Apple may include Augmented reality technology into upcoming iPhone 8, but it is not clear whether it will debut in upcoming iPhone 8 or not. However, it is reported that Apple has tested prototypes of iPhone with AI chip.

If this technology will present in iPhone 8 then the information of 2D images from front camera of the device will be used for applications like face recognition, iris recognition, and 3D selfies.


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