Google Home Things You Need To Know

Google Assistant Feature At Google I/O 2017
Google Assistant Feature At Google I/O 2017

Google Home Things You Need To Know: Google Announce Google Home at last year I/O but now this thing has to evolve really big as in Google I/O 2017, Google has announced the new feature to make Google Home more convenient for the user and less gimmick.

Proactive Assistant

This feature first introduce in Apple Siri which help Siri to give more convenient suggestion and support for the specific user. Google Home also bring this feature to your home device so that Google help to identify which notification is of your use or which one is not, it also says by lightning so that user can ask Google Home for the further more details.

This feature is in early stage but when these features will evolve, the user will be able to take benefits for their custom tailored Google Home device which will tell when to leave home, what to buy from where and when just say the message to whom you want and various more possibilities that expected.

Hands-Free Calling

Google now wanted the user to make calls with Google Home device which has free calling feature across whole USA and Canada. So you don’t need any connection for this service or pay anythings. You can simply talk to Google Assistant and it will help to make the call to the contact you want. You can link it to your number, but that seems to be only for Caller ID purposes.

Google Home New Hand Free Calling Feature
Google Home New Hand Free Calling Feature

New Languages

Google Assistant has learned some new language which is the base of Google Home so now Google Home can speak all those languages and understand it pretty well.

Scheduling Appointments and Setting Remainders

As all your Google devices are connected with each other, now you can make Scheduling in Google Home device and the appointment adds to your smartphone and Google Home as well. Team remainder also coming soon to this device so your plan will never be going to miss with the help of this device.

New Entertainment Sources

Google Home has joined many streaming services like Spotify, Sound Cloud and various other. Now Google Home will become more impressive for entertainment purpose and you will enjoy this feature too. Now You can connect Bluetooth devices to your Google Home which is very nice addition to Google Home and one of the most requested feature also. Google also bring other companies onboard like HBO Now, CBS All Access and HGTV.

Google Home New Streaming Feature
Google Home New Streaming Feature
Google Home Feature New Bluetooth Service
Google Home Feature New Bluetooth Service


Visual Responses

You can now control other Google Devices and various other devices with Google Home like you can play Youtube Videos directly from Google Home in your TV attach with ChromeCast. You can get access to all Google services like Maps, Google Photos and various other and use according to your usage without any problem. Google Home can send route of places you ask for to your smartphones, it can display weather on TV and various other supported Apps.

Google Home At Android TV
Google Home At Android TV


Now Google Home is coming to your home as Google has announced expansion plan for Google Assistant to the world Google Home will arrive in countries like

UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia

So these are the updates which Google is going to bring in Google Home at Google I/O 2017 as during the span of the year Google will bring more feature. Google Home is best companion product for Home and we hope to see more from Google Home Soon.


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