Qualcomm And LG Working On Next Snapdragon Chipset: As technology is increasing day by day, things power our today’s technology also seeing some improvement to perform in the real world. The new report is showing that Qualcomm has begun working on their next gen. flagship chip with LG, reportedly next Snapdragon will be going to call as Snapdragon 845. This news arrives via The Investor (sourcing English-language Korean News site Aju Business Daily, without providing a direct link) as the new chip will arrive in LG next Gen. Flagship smartphone called as LG G7.

As more’s law is ending soon as we are reaching the 5nm mark, Snapdragon 845 will feature a 7nm Chipset which is going to be amazingly powerful and small. The new chipset will be 30 percent more powerful than Snapdragon 835 which is Qualcomm’s recent high-end processor based on 10nm Architecture.

Next Snapdragon Chipset May From Qualcomm And LG

The new chip will show lot more power in small architecture which means we will see more powerful apps, more multitasking, less battery consumption and much much more. As AR and VR are becoming next stop of the technology, recent chips aren’t able to provide that level of performance as expected. But the next gen. Chip will provide more power to run all these technologies in our hand much efficiently.

We could see this next gen. chip very soon and flagship of 2018 is expecting to power with this chip including Samsung’s Galaxy S9 as expected, LG G7, Google Pixel 2 and much more. So it is very exciting to see what next feature will bring with this new Qualcomm’s Chip.

As LG and Qualcomm making their move to this next gen. which means that LG flagship will get this new chipset, as like Snapdragon 835 which first come in Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have older Snapdragon 821. So, at this time we only able to know this much about new Qualcomm’s Flagship Chipset until then Good By and Stay Connected for further information about the chip.


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