Apple Could Go For Larger Display With 6.4 OLED In iPhone 9: Apple still has months left for their highly anticipated 10th Anniversary smartphone to release, but Apple has already had plans next to next gen iPhone. According to reports, Apple has already ordered display for 2018-2019 iPhone which will feature larger OLED display. The South Korea-based OLED display maker supply around 160 million OLED for iPhone 9 lineup that’s we call it for now.

Apple wanted to revolutionize the whole industry with their upcoming iPhone 8, next iPhone will get many new features which are not possible in today’s smartphone. Apple has recently signed a non-disclosure agreement on general condition, including the screen size, Apple also added the new design for display which is currently under development.

You May See Larger Display In Upcoming iPhones

Apple still goes for two size variant for iPhone 9 which include a 5.28—inch and a massive 6.46-inch variant. As all smartphones, today features more screen than bezel Apple also made the new design change that will adapt the whole screen without the bezel, but still, there is nothing more details and leaks which we have found yet.

Apple has already partnered with Samsung for iPhone 8’s Display which already going to have OLED, Apple has ordered around 100 million 5.8-inch OLED panels for their upcoming iPhone 8 flagship as Apple will make iPhone 8 in one size which signifies its importance, Apple will also call iPhone 8 as iPhone Edition. It is rumored that Cupertino giants already working with giant OLED industry like LG Display so that Apple would able to get optimal supply without delay in production of iPhone 8 or future devices.

If this report is true Apple will have to make OLED display for their other product lineups like iMac, MacBook, iPad and various other. Apple is finally going to rid for rapidly aging technology LCD which is used in current gen Apple devices except for Apple Watch.

By including OLED display Apple will get the benefit for various things as they can make the brighter display, with deeper black, more color contrast and well display molding which helps to make the foldable display or curved display. As rumored Apple is trying to make Display curved in Apple Watch and iPhone 8 and this technology will help Apple to achieve their goal.

So OLED looks very big deal for Apple as a phase changer in display technology as other smartphone makers like Samsung, LG already made their shift to this technology and now it’s perfect time for Apple to enter the market with the OLED display. iPhone 9 is still under thoughts for Apple but making it reality require time and we get to know more feature and what to expect with new Apple iPhone 9 until then good bye and stay connected.


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