iPhone 8 Leaks Image Showing Rear TouchID Sensor and More: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 leaks are getting rapid changes over weeks as it seems that the design of new iPhone is the major concern for Apple. Apple will go for a new design change or will adapt old iPhone 6 design. A new image has emerged over the internet this morning claiming that iPhone 8 will have metal body design same as iPhone 6 with TouchID on the rear side, the image comes from Chinese site iPhoneros, the images looks really clears and showing each and every detail of the device as from previous leaks.

iPhone 8 Leaks And Rumors

Leaks and render images of TouchID on the back of iPhone has been around the internet for the month but there is also one leak said that Apple will go for an embedded TouchID sensor. Apple has to decide soon as possible whether they are going to make the embedded sensor which will make Apple’s upcoming iPhone unique and will change Apple design or if Apple adopts rear TouchID device will look not so unique. It was reported earlier that there are some manufacturing difficulties in embedding sensor into the display, which Apple is trying to resolve.

Apple iPhone 8 Front Bezel Less Display
Apple iPhone 8 Front Bezel-Less Display

This design is same which we have seen in leaked CAD drawing of the Apple iPhone leaks since the beginning of iPhone 8 leaks. Apple may also make some aesthetic changes like Camera position which will be vertical so that more room for camera sensor and parts will be provided.

iPhone 8 Leaks
iPhone 8 Leaks

This image won’t look much legit as some must have rumored changes like Wireless Charging, Glass Body design, and various other design improvement has not seen in this leaks. The display also attaches to a camera but in these images, Display and Camera have the different area.

Apple iPhone 8 Rear Side Image
Apple iPhone 8 Rear Side

These images are shared by iPhoneros, Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin has shared a separate image showing the front of the device including a nearly bezel-less design. The design of the upcoming device in this image won’t match with the other leaks which we have seen so far, Apple is trying their best to show their flagship smartphone ever built to the world but it will also require some effort which Apple has to put. iPhone 8 leaks are coming very quickly these days which shows that Apple is finalizing the design procedure of iPhone 8 soon. But we still not seen any Chipset or Display leaks yet which also been more amazing than design hope to see more from Apple in recent month. So what do you think about Apple decision of TouchID placement do your suggestion on the comment section below.


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