On Monday, Apple is going to host its annual developer conference in which they announce some new updates to their OS’s and some hardware. So it be must obvious to expect what will happen in the event, as we have earlier cover What to expect in the event, now, here we are covering What to expect with watchOS 4, so let’s get started.

watchOS is tiniest OS Apple has ever built so making it more accessible to people is really a big problem for Apple as the small interface has to make sense and work according to the need of people. Now Apple will release the fourth version of watchOS called as watchOS 4, as Apple’s earlier watchOS have great improvement in the various area like wheelchair mode, Breathe App for maintaining peace, New Watch Faces which look more better than previous, New Compilation and much more. As these features will get enhance in watchOS 4 with some more expected feature which we are going to discuss down below.

Dedicated Sleep App

Since the launch of Apple Watch, it doesn’t have any sleep tracking app which is the much-requested feature from user, but this time Apple may introduce a dedicated sleep app as Apple has recently acquired sleep tracking app Beddit from App Store. Tracking Sleep with connected device now become more lengthy process and as we are wearing the most advanced device (Apple Watch) which won’t able to track sleep is really bad so Apple has to bring sleep app in the watch.

Sleep App Watch OS 4
Sleep App Watch OS 4

New Watch Faces

Every year Apple add new Watch Face which is really awesome, so this year it is expected that Apple will surely add some new Watch Faces. Watch Face is really good in terms of utility, aesthetic and never let the user get bored from one Watch Face. Apple may also let developer to make some new watch face so that user will get more and more new watch face and each Apple watch have different looks.

Apple Watch WatchFace
Apple Watch WatchFace

This year Apple may also let developer to make some new watch face so that user will get more and more new watch face and each Apple watch have different looks and functionality which is still not possible from recent stocks.

Auto WorkOut Tracking

As Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches for Fitness it should have auto tracking activity. As auto workout tracking help user to identify each workout without having to the start any session and if user performs various activities like Running, Walking, Trekking and much more at same time that don’t have to change activities each time.

Imagine if you at Gym and you have to perform different activities during some session so it will be very hard to stop Apple Watch and start new activities, while this new feature will help the user to concentrate on the workout, not on measuring.

Find My AirPods From Watch

Apple Watch and AirPods are really made for each other, as when you perform any activity or workout outside and you don’t want to take your phone with you, Apple Watch can record your health data really easily and while in activity you want some music then AirPods are necessary, so finding AirPods with Apple watch must be a necessary feature.

Apple Watch With Airpods
Apple Watch With Airpods

Reps Counting

Reps Counting will also include in Apple Watch as people daily performs many activities like Push-Up, Squads and various other which require counting and Apple Watch don’t have any counting feature to measure your activity so this feature must be introduced.

Guidance Exercise

Guided exercise session will also be implemented into Apple Watch so that user can perform certain activity perfectly without any problem. Guided exercise session include some excercise according to user needs and also mix some activities so user gets more benefit.

Health App

Apple Watch is also expected to include Health App as user can see their health activities, result and various other things while on the go. It is really easy and convenient way for the user to see health.

Apple Watch Health App watchOS 4
Apple Watch Health App watchOS 4

Health and Diagnostic Tools

Apple Watch collects the various amount of data from your daily step counts to your heart rate so why not push this barrier to more and why not track more health vitals which is not possible from the current watch.

Apple has come out swinging in the fields of health, diagnostic, and medical research for applications on the Apple Watch. As expected Apple will surely bring new way to measure blood glucose level without having to pierce your body for taking blood.

Internal Improvements

Apple Watch Battery life is not up to the mark as various users have experience lack of battery in Apple Watch. Every user who owns Apple Watch, have different usage but all Apple Watch gives about same battery life of one or half day life, Apple need to implement some feature to reduce battery consumption in their watch as some user fed up with battery life as they wouldn’t be able to complete whole day and require lot of charging time.

Apple is also expecting to make some improvement to a fluidity of Apple Watch so it becomes more faster and better than first gen Apple Watch.

So these are the much-expected features of watchOS 4, hoping to see all these featurese make its appearance in final update until then Good Bye and Stay Connected.


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