Apple WWDC 2017 Everything You Need To Know: Apple developer event keynote finally ended and the things Apple just announces are really great. Since the starting of the event Apple has promised that this WWDC is really going to  be big and Apple surely does not depress anyone, Apple showed how they compete with other Tech Giants with their new innovation in AR, Machine Learning, Neural Nets, VR while they also announced new product like iPad’s, iMac’s and HomePods. Apple hasn’t done this type of big event since years but this event is really big one.

As we think earlier this event Apple has lost its innovation and quality to bring somethings new to the world when Tim Cook became CEO of Apple, but this event shows Apple’s years of hard work and innovation finally became fruit full so, without further ado let’s get started.

Apple WWDC 2017 is kick-started by Tim Cook with very short welcome speech and there was also time shortage in this event so Tim Cook hasn’t announced any update or took time to tell how big Apple is, Apple has announced six big things from new update to OS’s to new hardware, so we have numbered things which Apple has announced in their event.


Apple hasn’t brought their next version of tvOS in this event as they will bring it in the later event, but Apple has announced new Amazon Prime Video App which is coming to Apple TV App Store so user content now becomes more immersive, better with new seasons and movie to watch.

2. watchOS 4

Apple watchOS get its next version called as watchOS 4 in this update Apple showed great capabilities of Machine Learning and Advance AI, Siri, new Activity App Update, and Apple Music Update.

watchOS 4 Siri Based WatchFace
watchOS 4 Siri-Based WatchFace

watchOS 4 include various new Watch Faces as one of the most favorites is Siri Watch Face this Watch Face has auto-suggestion feature according to time, your daily view glance is on the watch and much more, while in addition Apple also adds new Kaleidoscope watch face and New Disney Avatar Character from Toy Stories like Buzz Light Year and more watch faces. watchOS 4 also feature new Workout with an improved interface and you can also add more workouts session while doing one, watchOS 4 has brought new refinements to Music app as it adapts Machine Learning Capabilities so your Music Listening Experience will be at another level.

3. Mac

>Apple macOS hasn’t received any big update last year but this time Apple has leveled up their game to match competition, Apple brings new features like VR, Machine Learning, Content Creation, Advance AI, Graphic Enhancement, New Safari, Metal 2 API, APFS and much more. Apple name their new macOS as macOS High Sierra as this same upgraded version over macOS Sierra which was introduced last year.

macOS High Sierra
macOS High Sierra

Apple adds tons of new feature in macOS High Sierra about which we will talk in a separate article, now let us talk about new Mac Product Lineup.

  • iMac 2017

Apple finally updates their three-year-old iMac device with new faster Kaby Lake Intel’s CPU and GPU Apple also added new GPU from AMD 4th Gen GPUs. New iMac Also has new brightest and best Mac displays ever with better color accuracy, wide color Gamut support and much more. Apple also added new ports to iMac devices with 2 Thunderbolt 3 Type-C port, while others port remain the same. While the design of iMac will remain the same as previous one.

Apple Announce iMac 2017
Apple Announce iMac 2017
  • MacBook Refreshes

Apple has made little bit adjustment to their MacBook lineup now MacBook and MacBook Pro will feature Intel’s Latest Chipset Kaby Lake with New GPU also, While 15-inch MacBook Pro will feature New AMD GPU. While Cost of 13-inch without TouchBar is now available at $1299.

  • iMac Pro

One of the best device for Pro’s user has now arrived yet as Apple introduces iMac Pro, it has most powerful processor as it features Intel’s Xeon Processor up to 18 Core Processor which really sounds amazing, it also support AMD Vega GPU support for Professionals, Port selection on iMac Pro has 4 Thunderbolt 3 while other port selections remain as iMac’s, device also support 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support. So you could imagine how powerful this device is and what you could bring out of it, and most interesting part of iMac Pro is now available in Space Grey Color. So these features in new iMac Pro is really badass and no competitor can match to this type of WorkSation.

Apple iMac Pro Announcement
Apple iMac Pro Announcement

Apple also shows that how far they come in AR content creation as now Apple iMac support VR headset like HTC Vive, so your content now becomes more immersive than ever. 

4. iOS 11

Apple iOS is most advance OS for mobile device but this really became True with new iOS 11 as Apple introduces new Machine Learning Technology to entire interface, now Siri can suggest any App to user, Siri will recommend which content you want to consume, Siri know where you are and What to do and much more. Apple also made little bit adjustments to their entire iOS design for more easier use.

iOS 11 Features
iOS 11 Features

Apple brings some improvements to internals like AirPlay 2 as your Speaker now becomes HomeKit device you can control your speaker from anywhere in the world, Metal 2 API also introduced in iOS 11, New Control Centre, Live Photos Update, New Drive Mode and much more. Apple also added new Group Payment feature so you can send money to your friend directly from iMessage with Apple Pay.

Apple also brings new AR technology to iPhone as you can now see what AR is really capable and Apple also give more power developers as they introduced new ARKit so new App can take whole advantage of iOS 11. Apple also brings new Machine Learning API so your App now becomes smarter than ever.

iOS 11 AR API At WWDC 2017
iOS 11 AR API At WWDC 2017

Apple App Store also gets major revamp in design as it won’t get much redesign since it launched 9 years ago but now App Store has better app suggestion and much more.

5. iPad Pro’s

Apple finally bring their bar to another level as they introduce new iPad Pro’s, New iPad Pro comes in two model 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, iPad Pro has most powerful mobile chipset Apple has ever build A10X Fusion chipset which is Six Core Processor, Apple also made first handheld device which has 120Hz Refresh Rates which really feels buttery smooth, much Better Camera and Many More.

iPad Pro 2nd Gen. Announcement
iPad Pro 2nd Gen. Announcement

But things hasn’t stopped, Apple also brings the new update to iOS 11 in iPad as this make iPad more like macOS with new features like New Multitasking Window, Drag-Drop, New Dock System, New Control Centre, New App Switcher, New Keyboard and Much more. iPad Pro is now shipped with iOS 10 installed but with iOS 11 launch you can download for more productive iOS experience ever.

6. HomePod

Apple HomePod arrives with the concept to bring smartness to your Home with speaker which has industry leading class sound quality with high precision audio experience, but Apple not only limits to sound experience, it also has smart feature as device has inbuilt Apple A8 chipset as same as in iPhone 6 which runs all the functions like taking request, asking question and much more.

HomePod Announcement At WWDC 2017
HomePod Announcement At WWDC 2017

So these are major things Apple Announced at their developer event, Apple will release their OS in this Fall, While iMac and iPad Pro is now available for the user, while iMac Pro and HomePod will be available this year by December. So Thanks for reading and do join us for more Article until then Good Bye Stay Connected.


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