Upcoming iPhone 8 May Not Have High-Speed LTE Support: Report

Apple iPhone 8 Will Use Own Cellular Chipset
Apple iPhone 8 Will Use Own Cellular Chipset

Upcoming iPhone 8 May Not Have High-Speed LTE Support: Report: According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple’s upcoming iPhone models will not be supported by gigabit LTE speed. The Apple’s dispute with the Qualcomm which is the supplier of smartphone modem for the company is reportedly the reason behind this. Apple has alleged Qualcomm of playing illegal monopoly on smartphone modems.

Currently, Apple is using modems in its device from Qualcomm and Intel both but only Qualcomm is providing a modem to the company which supports for 1 gigabit LTE download speeds while Intel is not supporting this kind of speed at this time. So we assume that the upcoming iPhone 8 may lag behind from Android smartphones in terms of data connectivity performance.

It is reported that Apple may not use modems from Qualcomm as well as Intel in its upcoming smartphone as Intel will not be able to manufacture its own modem so it will not be available for upcoming iPhones at least for this year. All the four major US carriers are trying to make the fastest gigabit LTE speeds in this year but we have to wait and see what will be going to happen in coming months.

Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8 which will have OLED and bezel-less display, along with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus would use Qualcomm modem if the situation would remain normal.

It is reported that Apple will use both Qualcomm and Intel modems in its upcoming iPhone 8, some of iPhone 8 units will be shipped with Qualcomm modems and the rest might have Intel modem, says report.

As per many leaks and rumors, we have gone through so far, upcoming iPhone 8 will come with completely new design and with many new features. Apple’s iPhone 8 is supposed to have an edge to edge curved display with OLED panels and glass chassis. The rear dual camera will be vertically placed in upcoming iPhone 8 with LED flash. We may also see upcoming iPhone 8 with wireless charging feature.


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