God Of War For PS4: Announced By Sony At E3 2017: At E3 2017 press conference, Sony has announced its gaming range by showing trailers of that. The upcoming God Of War is one of the new game for PS4, announced by Sony at the event. Sony had announced this game which was based on Greek mythology, for the first time at last year’s E3 press conference.

God Of War For PlayStation 4 In E3 2017

In the trailer of the game, you can see the journey of Kratos along with his son Atreus, the relationship of both is seen in the game’s trailer and the newly shown trailer came to an end with the meeting of Kratos and Atreus to a giant sea serpent.

The trailer of Sony’s upcoming gameplay is very interesting to watch as it depicts the potential of the game and at the very extent the narration of the game can be predicted. It is actually reported that initially, the Sony Santa Monica was considering for Egyptian mythology than the Greek mythology for God Of War.

God Of War will be available to the public in early 2018, buyers can pre-order it now. This is all we know about the God of War at this time, we will keep you inform further as got some more information about the game in future.


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