PSVR Games At Sony’s Press Conference: E3 2017: If you have already got the PS4 Headset then today might have been a lucky day for you all as the Company showered us with a bunch of games at the Sony’s Press Conference during E3 event. There was everything over here from the Superhot to Skyrim & so we have taken up every info regarding all the launched games in order to brought up in front of you.

1) Superhot VR:

Sony has today announced about the shooter game i.e Superhot will be coming to the PlayStation VR headset, after it has already been made available to the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive from quite sometimes. A Red Pixelated Action Hero like feel if you want to experience it grab it.

2) Star Child:

It is under development phase at present at the developer Playful & nothing much is yet been disclosed about the PSVR game.

3) Final Fantasy XV-Monster Of The Deep:

Here you go for the newer Final Fantasy XV spinoff & with it, you can have an experience of the reality hobbies like fishing at the shore, prepare roasted food, hanging out with your buddies & also camp around the fire with the main characters. While the dream of killing some monsters with a VR experience is still some months away as the Monsters of The Deep will be coming out sometimes by September.

4) Bravo Team:

The developer of this game is Supermassive & is very well known for the game Until Dawn & it seems like this time with VR the developer is all ready to provide you the traditional shooting experience. The Supermassive has also a  handful experience of developing the Killzone HD, so it is very clear that this time you will definitely get an amazing experience while shooting.

5) The Inpatient:

Being given the developer’s pedigree & setting, it looks like this one is also be going to set in the same universe like the earlier developed thriller i.e Until Dawn. Yet another one from the Supermassive, The Inpatient also seems to be taking place in the Psychiatric yard again.

6) Moss:

As some other Adventurous games, the Moss looks like channeling the children’s Redwall Book series just because of its mousey Protagonist. This one will not allow you to be the very first person view of the adventure instead you will be able to enjoy the Moss’s adventure from a higher up vantage point as a third person.

7) Skyrim VR:

Skyrim looks like it will allow you to play the entire game from the comfort of virtual reality, and it joins the ranks of Bethesda’s other recent VR versions of Doom and Fallout 4. Originally released in 2011 it never looked like there’s anything, Skyrim doesn’t run on. Already the Bethesda had confirmed new details about Switch Version during its press conference & here Sony is locking it in a PSVR edition of Skyrim.


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