watchOS 4 With New Features And Improved Functionality: Apple Watch is among the best selling wearables in the world and offers more functionality than simply being a timepiece. You can listen to music during exercise and cycling, you can check texts without looking at your phone especially when it is not near you, and many more tasks can be done by using Apple Watch. Now Apple has brought more advanced features in its operating system to make it more worthy. After the announcement of watchOS 4 at WWDC 2017 now Apple is planning to bring this all-new operating system in its watches soon.

With a new operating system, the Apple watch will become more dynamic and efficient in functions as the watchOS 4 is more advanced operating system than its previous version and it will make the users manage their task more efficiently than before.

watchOS 4 Features And Functionality

The new watchOS 4 will come with a new Siri watch face. With the help of Siri Apple Watch will show weather information, news alerts, calendar appointments and it will also support HomeKit and provide control over it. The Apple watch with watchOS 4 will also have Toy Story face which includes animated Woody, Jessie, or Buzz Lightyear.  Another features included in the new Operating system is a new Kaleidoscope watch face, if you like colorful animated pictures then this feature is for you as it will turn any normal image into a colorful animation which sounds interesting.

Dock of the watch also receive some modifications, it is horizontal in current watches but it will be vertical in upcoming watches. If you get bored by seeing your apps in a list daily in the same way then just wait for few months as Apple has introduced new option to watch all apps. In control center, the new flashlight option is included that will make the display more bright. Improved Music apps, Apple Payments in messages, and new Apple news apps are also some of the features that are included in watchOS 4 to make it more efficient for the users.

The workout will become more manageable with watchOS 4 as an alert system has made which will send alerts to give all information about your exercise routine and it will also tell you how much you have done in your schedule. Based on the history of workout, visual rewards will be given in a new animated way. Workout options for swimming will also be provided. The Apple Watch with watchOS 4 will be connected to Bluetooth devices like glucose monitors. All the models of Appel Watch such as first generation, Series 1 and Series 2 will get updated watchOS 4 in them.


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