The latest report from CNBC reveals that Apple is currently working with Health Gorilla which is a small startup in the health industry to connect doctors and technicians over 9000 diagnostic centers and labs. Before this report, Apple’s interest in turning iPhone into a “one-stop shop” for the record of medical data came in limelight, so that all the medical information of user will available in its iPhone, and now CNBC’s report is giving more information about the Apple’s work.

Apple Working With Health Gorilla

From the sources, it is reported that Apple is working with Health Gorilla in order to add diagnostic data to the iPhone, to achieve this, both the companies are cooperating with the hospitals, lab testing companies like Quest and LabCorp and imaging centers. The startup provides a secure clinical network that unifies health data and provides access complete overview of patient’s health to the doctors, according to Health Gorilla.

Users will be able to access complete health profile, from prior medical history to the doctor’s referral and to the latest test report, all will be available at one place. Health Gorilla has already made connections with many physicians, specialists, health centers, labs, and hospitals.

Apple wants to provide the iPhone users, a complete overview of health history, facility to store and share their medical information like any allergy list, lab test results and others from throughout patient’s lifetime. If Apple successfully implements its idea over health record then problem which is sometimes faced by medical sectors to access important data of their patient during treatment, will be solved to much extent.

Apart from this report, other reports were also suggested in past that Apple is working on “breakthrough” diabetes treatment with Apple Watch.


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