Advance 3D Sensing Technology Will Be A Part of iPhone 8: Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 is expecting to be released in September this year and Apple is also celebrating 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year so expectations with the upcoming iPhone 8 is very high as it is expecting that Apple will introduce many new features and new body design to its upcoming device during this anniversary year. Many rumors and leaks related to the upcoming iPhone 8 is spreading over the web to suggest design and specs of the device, recently a new report from supply chain added another one in the list.

Supply chain’s report suggested that the upcoming iPhone 8 may have 3D sensing components for the augmented reality and biometric security applications. A research note by BlueFin Research Partners, The Finisar, and Lumentum for 3D sensing and Broadcom for the wireless charging, will supply the components that will be included in the iPhone 8. This report is also supported by the iPhone camera component supplier Largan Precision, according to the company they will supply lenses that will support 3D sensing modules to the Apple in the second half of the year.

iPhone 8 Leaks And Rumors

According to a report from LoupVentures, the supplier Finisar will supply vertical-cavity-surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) to the Apple for iPhone 8. This technology (VCSEL) rumored to support the 3D sensing module in the upcoming iPhone 8 and give the augmented reality experience in the smartphone. LoupVentures also said that the iPhone 8 will feature front-facing, low-end VCSEL laser and a rear-facing, high-end VCSEL laser. Dual lens rear camera in the iPhone 8 will give a difference in perspective by having the separation between two lenses and will provide better AR experiences.

Lumentum has also announced that it will ship VCSEL laser to the Apple in the second half of this year. For the wireless charging, Broadcom said that they will supply components for wireless charging in upcoming iPhone 8. The wireless charging feature is expecting to be supported by inductive technology, and it is highly supported by the rumor of having glass chassis in iPhone 8 that will enable wireless charging at minimum disruption from frequency interference.

The upcoming iPhone 8 with radicle OLED display is expecting to launch later this year and it is expecting that the iPhone 8 will come with a higher price tag because of introducing many new features including 3D sensing modules and wireless charging. With iPhone 8, Apple Will Announce iPhone 7s and 7s Plus this year.


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