Apple is going to introduce OLED display in its upcoming iPhone 8 and it is the first time when Apple will use OLED display panel in its smartphone. The responsibility to supply the OLED display to the company is taken by Samsung, and it is reported that Samsung is the only one supplier of the OLED display at this time. Now a new report has come which suggests that Samsung is building the world’s largest OLED production plant to fulfill the demand of OLED display for the upcoming iPhone 8 in future, as it is believed that the demand for iPhone 8 will be increased after its release. The plant is located in Cheonin and Asan and the expecting cost of construction is $1.75 billion.                                

     OLED Panel Production For Upcoming iPhone 8

The upcoming iPhone 8 will be the only device of Apple that will come with the OLED display this year but according to some reports it is supposed that Apple will switch to OLED displays for all the iPhone models by 2019, currently, iPhone models are available in IPS LCD screens.

According to ET News from Korea, Samsung has already started work on another plant with the $20B investment. It is a huge investment by Samsung and this pant will provide between 180,000 and 270,000 panels per month. The current plant builds 180,000 screens per month, which is massively increased by the new plant.

Apart from Samsung, other companies may also provide OLED display to the Apple, last month LG was also reportedly making an investment of around $3.5B for the OLED production for the smartphones. Sharp and Japan Display are also among the companies that are expecting to have an order of OLED display from the Apple.

It is expected that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will come with 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display having fingerprint Touch ID sensor embedded into the display and glass chassis to support wireless charging. The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus is also rumored to release in September 2017 along with the iPhone 8.


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