Qualcomm’s Fingerprint Scanner Into Display Will Not Available Soon: Qualcomm is currently working on to putting a Touch ID sensor into the display of the smartphone and Qualcomm is very close to achieving this but it will take the time to ship this technology in smartphones as some issues are there to resolve.

According to a report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Qualcomm may take the time to release the technology. It was hoped that this technology will debut in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, but now it seems that we still have to wait to see Touch ID embedded into the display of the smartphone. According to Mind-Chi Kuo, Qualcomm’s technology is not perfect but have some improvements with better scan-through, but it need still further improvement in speed and response times.

Kuo explains that problem faced by Qualcomm is the unavailability of thinner cover glass and flexible OLED panels that are not available in most of the smartphones, to embedded Touch ID into the display flexible OLED display and thin cover glass are desirable to work efficiently.

Kuo further said that consumers don’t have a problem with fingerprint sensors placed at the rear side of the device, thus the handset brands may be less compelled to adopt the ultrasonic solution as long as risks persist.

Where will be the Touch ID sensor located in upcoming iPhone 8 is the biggest question with no appropriate answer. Many leaks and rumors have suggested that the Touch ID will be placed beneath the display of the device while some leaks claimed that Apple may adopt rear fingerprint Touch ID sensor. We can conclude from the Kuo’s report that Qualcomm may not be able to provide embedded Touch ID sensor into the display soon, however, some reports also claim that Apple is likely working on its own in-house solution.

Expectations from Apple are very high in respect to the Touch ID embedded into the display in iPhone 8, however, what will we see regarding the Touch ID sensor is still not clear at this time.


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