Apple Announces New Data Centre In Denmark

Apple Viborg Data Centre
Apple Viborg Data Centre

After building future Apple Campus, Apple is ready for their future Architecture design for their new Data centre in Denmark. Apple announces this plan to open a second data centre in 2019. Apple is building this data centre in two phase, first unit will open later this year in Viborg while second unit will build in Aabenraa, which is expected to be online in 2019.

Apple is continuing their promise to give back to earth as whole data centre will run on 100% renewable energy which means zero emission. This new data centre will help services like iTunes Store, Siri, iMessage and Maps across Europe.

The second unit of data centre which is situated in Aabenraa, which is close to German border. But Apple still need approval to run internet services at the site in mid-2019. Apple is really thrilled to announce that company will open data centre in Denmark as they also mentioned in the statement.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our data center operations in Denmark, and investing in new sources of clean power,” Erik Stannow, Nordic manager for Apple, told Reuters in an email.

“The planned facility in Aabenraa, like all of our data centers, will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one, thanks to new clean energy sources we’re adding,”

The cost of new data centre is around billion dollars, Apple said its commitment to Denmark is partly due to the stability of the Danish power grid, which Apple will contribute to via green energy sources.

Apple already tried to open data centre in Europe in Ireland. Apple also received approval from Ireland Government in 2016, residents filed a High Court appeal to the plans. Construction on the project (first announced in 2015) has yet to start. The dispute is expected to be resolved soon.

Delaying of Irish Data Centre mean the next data centre to open will be the Viborg facility in Denmark. It has been called the ‘largest foreign investment’ in Denmark’s history. So Apple Denmark means lots Apple so lets see how Apple will invest further there.


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