Apple iPhone 8 still not able to get its final state as company is trying hard to achieve success to hide TouchID inside touch panel but it seems really hard for them, while other brands already achieve this design pattern, so Apple has to gear up fast to release iPhone 8 in time as million of people are already waiting to see 10th Anniversary iPhone.

Apple has testing many design pattern according to reports as they tried TouchID on the backside of iPhone but this concept seems too old for iPhone as many Android smartphones already follow this design pattern. The main reason for Apple for delay in design is new full display on the front side which causes Apple iconic home button to suffer its position.

According to recent reports, Apple’s team of engineers and designers working on the iPhone are operating with a “sense of panic in the air” as launch date of device is coming near day by day which is later this year and they could not able to finalize the design.

According to reports Apple is facing some software problem plaguing the iPhone 8. As this problem could lead to iPhone shortage production or shift in release date if the issue not resolved. Apple may also seize some feature of iPhone 8 during the launch.

Apple is said to be facing major issues with wireless charging, which this report again pegs to be of the inductive type, all these means that Apple may ship iPhone 8 without wireless charging with Apple enabling it as part of a future software update.

According to previous leaks like TouchID replacement new 3D Facial Recognition system is also facing some issue while pairing with iOS. As this issue is due to the software part not hardware to Apple bring this feature in future software update if this issue will not resolve in time.

TouchID of iPhone is a major concern for Apple as they are developing since the beginning of project iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone Pro. As it seems pretty hard for Apple to embed TouchID sensor inside the OLED display.

Apple has response fast to these issue as launch date of iPhone 8 is coming near and around 2-3 months are left for Apple to decide what’s new on next iPhone while all cut off feature for iPhone 8 may arrive in iOS 11.1 or later version so let’s hope Apple could bring better from iPhone as we are expecting until then GoodBye.


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