Today’s Smartphone have one thing common bigger display and new concept of full screen is also liked by various people, as brands like Samsung, LG already released full screen display which make smartphone more usable than ever as you can perform two windows task very easily than ever, content feel more immersive and come to life, developers are now using larger display for more app space. Google’s this year Android flagship also follows this pattern with 18:9 aspect ratio display which means that you can use two app simultaneously with equal space.

According to latest rumor for this year Google’s Pixel smartphone lineup called as Pixel XL 2 will feature an always-on OLED screen, squeezable frame that works even when the screen is off same as HTC U11, and at least two display settings. All these leaks and rumors are really amazing and if all these feature will present in upcoming Pixel people will surely gonna love it.

As releasing date of Pixel is approaching very fast we are getting many leaks and rumors about the device. This year Pixel will be codename as Muskie and Taimen which will have improved design and specs.

Render images of new Pixel get us glimpse of upcoming Pixel display which will sport 2:1 aspect ratio, you can enjoy movies, shows better than ever while some apps now natively supporting full screen display while Android next version O may also natively support large display smartphone so apps won’t have to force expand to run on larger display smartphones.

Pixel 2 will have new camera sensor with larger camera and flash, as Google is planning set new record for DxO as recent HTC U11 has highest DxO mark 90. New Camera will support better night light imaging and various other feature. Pixel 2 will also support new squeezable frame concept same as HTC U11 so you can trigger function you needed most like Google Assistant without unlocking device or say “Ok Google”. Well, according to the information that XDA-Developers obtained, this is indeed true, and it’s not the only new software feature coming to the Pixel phones this year. While other feature for Squeezable is still not confirm as Google hasn’t decided other feature for this feature.

Google Pixel 2 display also feature always one display same as Samsung Galaxy device which uses really less battery and light up only those pixel which is in use while other pixel will remain turn off. For this feature Google may use OLED display as LCD and LED display uses backlit which uses too much battery.

Google will add Vivid color feature in their recent Android O update which means that upcoming Google Pixel 2 will feature more brighter and sharper display ever. Display of Pixel 2 may support color profile like Wide Color Gamut or HDR10. Google Pixel 2 is in the deciding phase and many new feature and older feature are replacing day to day so it is exciting to see how this Google new Pixel 2 compared with Anniversary iPhone.


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