Demand for smaller smartphone may be obsolete from market as smartphone manufacturers always launch bigger smartphone like phablets or bigger display size than 5”, but still one brand introduce its smartphone in smaller form factor and its no other than Apple iPhone.

Smaller device is really easy to use and hold people can comfortably use smaller device for their daily driver. So Apple is still on the smaller display market as a rumor from sketchy rumor that Apple may be going to unveil its new iPhone SE model soon as next month.

This report is coming from an unnamed source cited by French Language blog iGeneration. According to rumor Apple fall event will happen in two dates on for the launch of iPhone 8 along with iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in October while other event will happen for iPhone SE in August. According to rumors cost for iPhone SE may also decrease to €399, down from about €489.

The rumor is though to be sketchy because for a couple of reason, as Apple has never debut any smartphone in August as they typically release smartphone in June or September. Apple is also facing some manufacturing issue in recent iPhone as they still not able to confirm design for upcoming iPhone 8 they also facing some supply shortage. So launching a another smartphone may cause more trouble for Apple.

iPhone SE has recently received storage bump in March so their is no clue that Apple will launch another iPhone SE. While the authority of the source is also not trustworthy so we can’t expect any product from this source.

iPhone 4-inch smartphone haven’t got any upgrade in design since iPhone 5s which was launch way back in 2013, so if Apple release new iPhone SE they will introduce some new design. iPhone SE help Apple to achieve some success in developing market as it is very budget friendly. So next iPhone SE will be more welcome by people Apple could bring iPhone SE with better processor, better camera, more batter, new design and more which made new iPhone SE more better than ever.

So it very exciting to see how Apple will introduce new iPhone SE and what are upgrades Apple thinks necessary. As iPhone SE is still best smartphone in its size and powerful. So hope Apple bring new iPhone SE model until then Good Bye.


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