Time for expectation from flagship smartphone is finally started as many brands are teasing about their flagship smartphone and war between two world again started as Apple and Google both teasing their product. While we still know less about Google’s upcoming smartphone Google Pixel like how it’s look, what is the cost of the device or what feature will it actually have. While many leakster showed some render images of device which looks hot and amazing.

Talking about the design of product new Pixel device will feature rear glass “window” design while device won’t feature rear fingerprint sensor. As Google may got for Facial recognition feature in their upcoming flagship as many brands already switch for Facial unlocking. While fingerprint sensor may be embedded into the display which may be very awesome feature. Camera of device also redesign with two rear camera sensor for depth effect photo shoot. Camera sensor of new Pixel may also be improve than previous Google device with good night light imaging.

While on the front side it obvious that Google will go for bigger full screen display like other brands with 2:1 aspect ratio so you can you two split app very easily. Display Panel of device is made by LG which is OLED panel with rounded corners. While side chin of device will also be minimal as recent chin looks really fake which made Pixel design very poor. While on the top device will feature new front facing camera with speaker grills. New Pixel device will feature stereo speaker setup. While headphone jack will not obsolete from the device as their is no leak about this we heard about.

Google Pixel Display Concepts
Google Pixel Display Concepts

While talking about interesting things like internal Google Pixel 2 will feature fastest mobile processor yet Snapdragon 835 with 4 or 6 GB of DDR4 RAM and 128GB of storage option. Google also bring Always On Display technology in upcoming Pixel device which is lot cooler. Google will learn about many things after making Google Pixel as how the design pattern will affect user purchasing capacity and much more.

New Google device will have some good feature and something new than any other smartphone competitors so it very exciting what’s Google come up with until then Good bye.


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