Final Design Of iPhone 8 Confirms By Apple

Apple iPhone 8 Design Image
Apple iPhone 8 Design Image

As we are getting close to the launch of Apple next gen. iPhone, the confirmation of design and feature are started to revealing soon. As Apple has released it first build of the upcoming HomePod’s firmware last week, many curious developers give their hands over the firmware code to know more about the device while reading codes many developers have found some facts about upcoming iPhone 8 design and feature. A developer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered code that seemingly confirms that the upcoming iPhone will support face unlock.

As this feature is already confirmed from many previous leaks that Apple is switch for next gen biometric unlocking system as like Samsung which uses Retinal Scan to unlock the device, Smith explains that the code indicates the existence of Apple new SDK called as Biometric Kit which uses infrared face unlock, as the same feature is responsible for TouchID unlock system. While code also suggests some recognition techniques as how will it perform the scan as it detects partially occluded face and faces from various angles. The codename for the project Pearl ID.

As this feature may replace Apple current Gen Biometric locking system which is known as TouchID, as this decision may tough for Apple because we don’t know about the reliability of this locking system and how it will perform in real world scenario. Apple has been facing issue for placing TouchID inside the iPhone display but they won’t get any success till. Apple’s framework seems to indicate a decent level of security, including checks against things such as images of a face and 3D models of faces.

While if Apple would name this feature it will be surely FaceID, the HomePod code also seemingly confirms the design pattern of iPhone 8 which surely matches all the leaks and expectations of people. Apple also gives some render images of the device into the HomePod firmware which is showing bezel less display and spot for the headpiece, front camera, and FaceID.

The image was in the form of a core animation archive file, which is how Apple stores vector images so they can be displayed in the user interface in any resolution. The code also shows the iPhone 8 codename as “D22.”

While these are just the render images of the device but how the actual device will look still unconfirmed we have to wait and watch till to see what will have in iPhone 8.


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