LG Will Be The Next To Supply OLED Panels For iPhones: After having several reports on the supply of OLED panels for the iPhones in future, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has confirmed that the OLED panels for the iPhones will supply by LG to the Apple. At this time Samsung is the sole supplier of the OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 8, but in future Apple would be use OLED panel for all the iPhone models so the demand of OLED panel will increase and hence it will be necessary for the Apple to look at another source to have the sufficient supply of OLED panels and now this need of the OLED panels will be fulfilled by LG as said by Ming-Chi Kuo.

Huge Investment Of Apple In LG For OLED Panels

As per some other reports in past few days, there are chances that Apple will receive 45,000 OLED panels for the iPhones per month from LG in 2019. For the OLED panels of upcoming iPhones, Apple has already invested $2.7 billion in LG as advance payment. After the Samsung, now the partnership between Apple and LG has provided secondary supplier to the Apple for the OLED panels.

Kuo has further said that the shipment yield rate of OLED panels will also increase the collaboration of LG with other suppliers and it is also possible that LG will collaborate with GIS to have better lamination experience with MegaSite and integration with Foxconn manufacturing facilities.

The collaboration of Apple with LG is the smart move for the tech giant to ensure the smooth supply of the component for the iPhones in 2019 as it is rumored that Apple will only use OLED display for all iPhone models by 2019. This year Apple is going to release iPhone 8 having OLED display for the first time, however, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus will have LCD display.


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