Leaked Image For Next Gen Pixel Smartphone Shares Disappointing Features: Fresh leaks suggest some design features for the Google Pixel 2 & according to the reports this time the Pixel XL would be a beautiful device while having minimal bezels although the smaller sibling could be a totally different one. These devices have been delivering some great unparallel purity & fluidity in their software.

Well to match-up with the present trend of having minimal bezels & maximum screen size, Google also seems to be following the path. Although most of the brands have landed up with their phones with maximum edge-to-edge displays this year. We were also amazed firstly after seeing the leaked image of newly assembled LG made Pixel XL successor & it’s much improved if we see it look-wise.

Next Generation Pixel & Pixel XL Might Not Be Able To Catch-Up With The Latest Market Trends

The display seems to be a 2:1 OLED panel this time by getting some space from the reduced bezels both from the top & bottom. While unfortunately the smaller sibling i.e the Pixel 2 would not be seen to be having such changes included in it. According to the latest leaked image that shows very clearly, this won’t be getting some very common features that are present in today’s high-ended smartphones.

I am really very scared about the fact that in today’s generation where people are looking for refined & futuristic looks into a smartphone, the Pixel 2 while having front faced speakers might become outdated even before hitting the markets.

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Leaked Image Of Next Generation Pixel Device

Talking more about the seemingly lacked features, as per the leaked image, from the backside of the Pixel XL 2 & Pixel 2, neither of them seem to be having a dual lens camera, which is now very common among smartphone users & is a must have featured as expected from a big brand.

We only hope that the scenario doesn’t stick to this leaked specs image otherwise a smaller 1080p display with thicker bezels & a single lens camera with uncommon price range would show any smartphone a much harder time to stay into any relevant markets in the present scenario by other dominating range of smartphones with much better features.


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