Apple Is Introducing “SmartCam” Feature In iPhone 8 Camera: From the code of Apple’s HomePod software, various hints about the features of iPhone 8 has been discovered by the developers in past few days back. One of the new report related to the camera of the upcoming iPhone 8 has been revealed which is suggesting some interesting features in the upcoming iPhone 8. Developer Guilherme Rambo discovered new codes from the HomePod software that suggests a new “SmartCam feature” in iPhone 8.

According to Guilherme Rambo, the SmartCam that may be present in new camera app will take best pictures and adjust the settings of the Camera differently and this will depend upon the scenes that would be present like for sunrise, it will have different settings while for firework setting will adjust according to that.

SmartCam Feature Of iPhone 8 Shows Apple Is Focusing On Camera In Their Upcoming iPhone

Different scenes like Baby, Bright stage, Foliage, etc. have been mentioned in the SmartCam as an option. It means that the objects that will be seen in the scenes will get the best-suited capture settings automatically by the software of iPhone camera, and it is assumed that all this will be achieved by Apple’s dedicated “Neural Engine” processor.

Apart from the SmartCam feature, another code which is discovered in the HomePod software is the use of “facial recognition” feature to authenticate Apple Pay instead of Touch ID in the upcoming iPhone 8. The presence of facial recognition to unlocking the iPhone and authenticate Apple Pay was also supported by the reports of KGI and Bloomberg.

Now the code discovered by developers such as ‘passbook.payment.contactlessinterface’ with ‘pearl.field-detect’ and ‘pearl.pre-arm’ indicates the presence of Face ID which might replace the touch ID feature which is currently present in the iPhones for such purposes.

In the HomePod Code, inductive charging feature to support wireless charging is also mentioned. Wireless charging feature is expecting to be present in iPhone 8 which is going to be release soon this year with 5.8-inch almost bezel-less OLED display. Other code reveals the ability to ‘tap to wake’ the display, that may become the part of upcoming iPhone 8.


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