Apple HomePod firmware release teases many things which Apple is upto, as we know more about what’s inside iPhone 8 how its looks and what new feature will arrive, we get to know more about HomePod feature and what it is capable of and much more. As we also get to know about Apple upcoming new Apple TV which features much more new feature than recent gen. Apple TV.

Recent Gen Apple may lack many feature as we compared to competitors like Amazon Fire or Google Chrome Cast, Android TV which feature 4K Support and Dolby Support but next Gen. Apple TV may feature all these things. Next Apple TV will confirm to have 4K HDR Support for better color production and more details than ever. As we are expecting this feature from years and earlier we have also heard some rumors about this feature this year in February. That report said the new 4K AppleTV would have more vivid colors and arrive later this year.

Apple is not new to 4K business as their other products like Macs which is already using 5K from years but Apple TV still lacks this feature. The HomePod software also leaked that iPhone 8 would support 4K on both front and rear cameras so you’ll be able to put those 4K selfies right onto your TV.

Introduction of 4K in Apple TV platform requires some preparation like Apps should natively support this feature to give user best out of it, Apple also brings iTunes Stores content like Movies, Videos and Songs to Support 4K HDR Display and Dolby Sound. 4K TV has now become cheaper and also comes to mainstream people are buying these TV so Apple has to look all these consumer now. Apple TV also support HDR10 and Dolby Vision both which has really amazing sound and it will look more fantastic when it comes to consumer world.


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