iPhone 8 Camera system will have a new feature which we haven’t seen yet as this camera could be able to render AR content while on go, Capture Photos with more real depth, Recognise your face and much more. Taiwanese laser supplier Lumentum has allegedly been tapped to supply Apple with as many as 55 million sets of 3D dual-lens camera systems through the end of 2017, and as many as 160 million more through 2018. According to a research note from the Piper Jaffray analyst-turned-AR-blogger, Gene Munster.

According to Munster earlier this week indicated that each front and rear facing dual camera system will be equipped with its own vertical cavity surface emitting laser(VCSEL), which will facilitate the advanced 3D/AR-based technologies slated to debut on Apple’s high-end iPhone 8 flagship. Camera System is the main part for upcoming iPhone 8 as Apple has already made AR so much productive by release iOS 11 which will feature AR Kit, now the developer can be able to mold AR to their ease and make AR the next big thing. While Apple also made so much use of AR like you can scan from Notes Apps by the use of AR.

What Is a VCSEL Camera System?

As we are getting a report for Apple next big camera system which will be able to capture better shots because of some exclusive camera feature and this system is called as vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) system. VCSEL system is comprised of a diode with laser emitting perpendicular from the top surface of the assembly, rather than a directional lens, this means that this technology will able to capture a variety of 3D imaging and biometric security tasks at low and high power settings, such as serving as an optical mouse at the low end, or as a precision range-finding, texture-mapping device at the higher end.

Apple supply partner Lumentum which has the majority of VCSEL systems supply through 2017. According to Lumentum recent earnings call, executives reported recording $5 million in overall revenue for the fiscal quarter ending June 30.

While the company has around $200 million existing orders for VCSEL camera system which comes in the upcoming quarter. iPhone 8 will have high production during next year as this year Apple won’t be able to produce many units of iPhone 8 while Lumentum has already been increased physical production capacity at its factory by 30% in the last year alone.

According to recent statements made by Lumentum, the timing of the report in relation to the company’s proposed fiscal gains, and the existing slate of rumors about the iPhone’s advanced VCSEL 3D camera system. While according to analysts future iPhone after iPhone 8 will feature Lumentum’s 3D laser sensing technology.

This camera technology is only one thing among Apple iPhone 8 awesome feature, while there are a much more highlighting feature like edge to edge OLED Display, Face ID and much more. So it is really amazing to see how this technology will make iPhone 8 better than any iPhone ever.


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