Apple iPhone 8 TouchID is really a problem for Apple to place inside the display which causes a delay in production of Apple iPhone 8. According to rumors, Apple may release next iPhone in November as their September time frame may get hampered. Major design tease from Apple has happen two weeks ago when Apple released firmware for HomePod which carries some design and feature list of next iPhone. As code show, iOS 11.0.2 version which is still under development by Apple, developer around the world gives their hands over HomePod firmware and found many amazing things that would happen in next iPhone. But topic still arises for exciting of TouchID in next iPhone will happen or not, time will tell more about these things.

iOS developer like Guilherme Rambo along with Steve Troughton-Smith may have under covered just everything about iPhone 8 this week, they read all code line by line gives some shots of images which revolve around the whole internet. They previously revealed about iPhone 4K Video recording @60fps, advanced biometric facial recognition, iPhone 8 display resolution, ‘smart camera’ functionality, and so much more. They also explained each feature like how the tech will work and many other things we can understand very easily.

Apple Pay & Third-Party App Authentication

Apple Pay one of the easiest methods for paying and it is very safe as your fingerprint is responsible for all payments. Apple next biometric feature which is called FaceID may not only mean for Apple Pay payments, but also for lending credence to the uncertain fate of Touch ID, as this feature will also be used by third parties developer to build apps which could authenticate user or logging in their account without typing anything. As Apple introduces Auto Sign in some apps so you can log into some app with user id and password by iCloud Keychain and you need your TouchID to authenticate it, but this feature becomes more useful if Apple brings FaceID so Payment and Login methods become more secure than ever. According to the strings of code, Guilherme shared via Twitter this morning. Shown below, the codes clearly yet cryptically references a “payment authentication error” caused by something called ‘Pearl’, and “numberOfAppsUsingPearl.”

Apple FaceID Payment Codes
Apple FaceID Payment Codes
Third Parties App Access To FaceID
Third Parties App Access To FaceID

Some analysts have already predicted that TouchID may have no more future for next gen. iPhone as Apple will prefer FaceID over it, as this is said by the most renowned analyst Min Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

According to reports FaceID has much more accuracy than TouchID and unlocks iPhone within more milliseconds, but the question is still raising that is it right to use FaceID over Apple more developer TouchID? , which is already a fast and still secure way to unlock iPhone. It is still unclear that is Apple going to take the risk to remove TouchID and choose FaceID over it. All these issues arise because of Apple is still not able to put Home button and TouchID inside the display which causes this trouble.

Both cameras of iPhone will feature new laser technology to detect an object and it also captures user for authentication. A new camera is aided with new ‘VCSEL’ Camera System to run this feature effortless. So it is amazing to think how Apple will overcome this issue on time and perform better result as they perform every year.


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