If you want to connect Xbox One Wireless Gaming Pad to your PC  would new Microsoft Wireless adapter. Earlier this month, Microsoft has unveiled a revised version of their Xbox Wireless Adaptor so you can connect your Wireless controller to Windows 10 PC’s and enjoy all games without any problem and easy controlling. Microsoft new adapter is based on its predecessor which was released way back in 2015, the new adapter has one-third the size of previous gen, and also fix some critical problem from the previous gen.

Microsoft has announced that adapter will be debut in the US market on August 8, 2017, and then rolled out to other markets later. But at the end point, Microsoft has changed the release date of the adapter to January 31, 2018, which is nearly six months later than the original date. So rolled out to other countries will also have to suffer this problem.

According to “Microsoft, they have confirmed the update Xbox Wireless Adapter is expected to be available in the US during January 2018”, While this date is subject to change, some countries are still set to get the adapter sooner, with launch dates varying between markets”.

Microsoft Website reveals releasing date for other major countries which will get adapter soon, it appears Japan will the first to get the adapter on August 24. Australia and New Zealand are set to receive the device this September, followed by the U.S. and Canada in January. While other countries will follow release date after these major countries.

While the cost of this device will begin at $24.99 in the US and equivalent pricing in other regions. While you can check Microsoft Website for more details about price and release date in your country.


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