Microsoft is trying hard to bring uniformity to Windows ecosystem as they have announced their Fluent Design System in their recent Build event, so making this work more efficient Microsoft is working on brand new Windows Shell called “Composable Shell,” or “CShell,” which brings more adaptiveness to Windows platform so when you run apps on Windows Laptop or Windows Phone experience will remain the same. Microsoft has accidentally released new pre-release build of this new change.

CShell is updated version of Windows existing Shell to bring the more real-time adaptive response to Windows and make the easy transition across Windows devices. This makes Windows more easy and flexible ecosystem. Microsoft won’t have to do more hard work to make Windows 10 ecosystem compatible across all Windows Devices.

Shared UI and Continuum

CShell makes Microsoft work easier so they won’t have to make App compatible according to display and work on the more useful feature. Let’s talk about some example from recent build Windows 10 Mobile Start experience which will receive slightly new design same as Windows 10 Desktop, now the user will resize the tile sizes as Windows 10 Desktop, the user also stops live feed or turn of live tiles.

What does "CShell" Means For Windows 10 Future?
What does “CShell” Means For Windows 10 Future?

So this feature will be possible from CShell so developer won’t have to add more code again for different devices. Windows 10 recent feature Action Centre is now available for Windows 10 Mobile user with the same set of toggle button and notification Centre so the user can manage setting and notifications from one tab. The user can also edit or make customization to add or edit toggle buttons same as PC.

Landscape feature now becomes universal for Mobile devices, now user can use Landscape more in Part screen and App, so when you turn your phone sideways entire UI shifts including Live Tiles, Action Centre and so on. Now it becomes easier for Microsoft to work for more user requested feature rather than working developing each UI differently.

CShell also made remarkable changes to Core Windows feature like Continuum experience, Booting into Continuum you can see the work Microsoft has been doing to make the experience more powerful, Windowed mode is here which means that phone user can run multiple Windows with Snap and Task View too, Microsoft also apply Fluent design across whole experience.

Silverlight apps won’t support and Microsoft is planning to drop this feature from next Windows Phone update. Microsoft is trying to make the uniform experience all around Windows ecosystem so the user doesn’t have to waste their time to learn step for doing things differently on a different device.

CShell will make its appearance on Windows platform in 2018 so Microsoft will announce this feature in next build event. CShell will soon make its appearance across other product of Microsoft like Xbox, Halo Lens, Windows 10 and more. CShell is another step for Microsoft towards uniform Windows vision so let’s see what Microsoft’s intention towards this new feature.


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