VR Apps and Games You Will Love: DayDream VR compatible smartphone is now being around the world and people already love to use the DayDream as Google made some remarkable changes to VR platform so people will use this feature very easily you just need to plug your DayDream Compatible smartphone and you are ready to go.

Google own apps like YouTube, StreetView, Chrome are already compatible to DayDream VR while some apps companies like EA, HBO, Oculus and more, made their apps to run through VR. So if you are new to VR World you should know which VR apps will be more engaging so we are here to tell you more about VR world so without further ado let’s get started:

List Of Some Most Trending And Lovable VR Apps 

  1. Google Street View

Google Street View is an app which helps you to discover the new places where you want to go as it shows places Street View as it looks like you are present there, Google made this app compatible with VR platform so view this app feel more natural than ever.

2. HBO Go and HBO Now VR

Both these apps are really great if you want to see your favorite movies or shows you can enjoy 1000 of shows and movies content and you’ll surely love to use, its app looks like you are sitting in a theater and enjoying movies in biggest screen possible your content looks more immersive and natural than ever.

3. Spheres By Kurrent Music

If you want to change your music experience like never before you should use this app as this app is really good for listening and finding music it looks like all things are lying around you and you just have to select and it starts playing.

4. Sky VR

If you want to watch your favorite sports game you should not miss this app as it has the same hall like experience and you could enjoy live content while on the go so never miss your favorite match now.

5. Ocean Rift

Dive into the ocean and experience how it feels like than ever before, you can see a wide variety of animal and other creatures and learn about it. Animals look quite natural so you could feel originality.


If you are NBA fans you really need to download this app and enjoy the more immersive content and live action of VR at your home while sitting. You can see all video on demand and enjoy the whole live action.

7. Netflix VR

If you want to consume your favorite content now you can consume all shows on demand over your VR headset, the app feels like you are viewing cinema over larger screen possible and you’ll love to enjoy this app.

8. VR KartSprit

If you want to enjoy VR gaming you can play this car racing game and feel all the Kart excitement like never before.

So these are some apps you could enjoy in your VR devices, moreover, we will write more content like this in future until then Good bye and forget to tell us which is your favorite VR apps or games which you like the most in the comment section below.


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