It has been very long since we have seen new Apple Watch as Apple has updated Apple Watch last year but there is no new design we have seen yet, as another major smartwatch maker has already made many new types of design we have ever seen. There is a report which comes from many analysts about upcoming Apple Watch 3 which will feature an LTE and non-LTE model.

Apple reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also forecasted the same statement for upcoming Apple Watch 3. He also said that next Apple Watch will have same design pattern as recent gen Apple Watch. While new feature which we could expect from upcoming Apple Watch is still unclear. Kuo also specified about the model of Apple Watch which will continue to come in two model 38mm and 42mm cases.

Apple Watch 3 May Surprise You With Its New Cellular Features

KGI’s report comes after 10 days from Bloomberg’s recent report which first mentioned the new Apple Watch with Intel modems for LTE connectivity.  It is very interesting to see Apple Watch with LTE as it made Apple Watch a standalone device and people will love this feature. It may happen in future that Apple Watch will replace the iPhone so the user will use their Apple Watch for a daily driver if Apple made some adjustments to Apple Watch to make the device standalone.

KGI further predicts that the third-generation Apple Watch with cellular connectivity will not support 3G connections, only LTE, which will limit which markets in which it can be sold and used. Bloomberg has mentions all four major U.S. carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) will support Apple Watch cellular model. While pricing of the device is still unclear.

So what new happens in Apple Watch non-LTE model as expected Apple will give some speed boost to the device while other expected feature may be unclear, Apple could use some biometric to unlock Apple Watch like Facial Recognition or Skin Type Recognition or Pulse Recognition which help Apple Watch to unlock easily. Apple may also make some adjustments to the material of the device as Ceramic edition will get some changes, and other models may also. Loops for next Apple Watch may also have some changes.

Talking about numbers, KGI predictions that Apple will ship 17.5-18 million Apple Watches across this year with 8-9 million units being new models later after this year. Kuo expects fewer than half to be LTE, however, at 35-40% of those units. Apple may also adjust pricing of Apple Watch Series 2 and may obsolete Series 1 smart watch from the market which helps the user to choose a wise product for them.

Apple may release this new Apple Watch in iPhone event which may happen next month or upcoming month until then Good Bye.


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