Apple next gen. iPhone is on the verge of release and we still don’t know much about upcoming iPhone models as Apple will introduce 3 devices 2 will be same as previous Apple device while 1 device will have all the premium feature which we are hearing since last year.

According to leaks, Apple will go for iPhone 7s for smaller and cheaper version of iPhone, while premium version or iPhone 8 will have some extra features. According to alleged design schematics that were obtained from case-maker, Migodo, Apple upcoming iPhone 7s will have same LCD display of its predecessor but the device will have slight change in length, width, and thickness. Camera Lens bump will remain in the device while Apple may make the device a bit thinner according to Giga Apple.

iPhone 7s will have two model one will be simple 4.7-inch iPhone 7s while other will be 5.5-inch Plus model. There is not much we know about Plus model design factor but it will have some changes in design. The iPhone 7s will allegedly have 138.44 mm tall by 67.27 mm wide and 7.21mm thick which is even thicker than current gen. iPhone 7 which clocks in at about 138.3 mm tall by 67.1 mm wide by 7.1 mm thick.

Apple iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 will have a vertical camera as compared from previous horizontal camera lens bump. iPhone 7s camera bump will become a little bit thinner about 7.92 mm in comparison to 8.18 mm on the iPhone 7 according to this image.

This is sure that iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will have more feature than current gen. iPhone, while this size difference may happen because iPhone 7s will feature a glass back which makes device little bit thicker, the glass back will help the device to charge with induction easily. This size difference may also happen because of new induction plate which Apple provides inside iPhone to make it wireless compatible.

We still do not know about the correct dimension of the device is iPhone 7s will have a bigger display or not, while we also know much about the dimension of iPhone 7s Plus.

It is exciting to see what Apple will come with iPhone 7s and 7s Plus so are these features enough to attract iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s user to switch to iPhone 7s? While we surely know more about next iPhone in coming month as we already do not know how much power inside iPhone will have and much more details.


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