Apple Watch has become the world most shipped smart watch and its popularity is still growing up. As Apple has already given hard competition to other wearables brands like Fitbit and Xiaomi Fitness band and watches. According to leaks, next Apple Watch is already in the mainstream of production which will feature LTE and it will also replace Apple’s iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 2 which was launched last year has arrived with various improvements like better display, better battery life, most expected feature GPS and more power. These features lure people to purchase new Apple Watch Series 2 and it becomes more reliable as compared to previous gen. Apple Watch.

Companies in Apple Watch supply chain says that orders are in continuation to rise, with 4.5m shipments expected in the final quarter of the year. This would take total shipments for the year to 15m units. As Apple Watch is around the whole market of the world which Apple are into, and it is selling really fast as people are not able to get desired Apple Watch because of Out of Stock.

Sources are also claiming that the number of shipment of Apple Watch will increase to 20m in 2018. The numbers were cited to DigiTimes, whose supply-chain sources have a mixed record. It’s more likely they would have hard info on Q4 orders than on those reaching across the whole of next year.

Apple analytics reports show that Apple Watch Y-o-Y increments are really shown a good path for Apple Watch. As Apple is declining to break out Apple Watch sales, it’s always hard to get reliable data. As Analyst said that past quarter Apple became number 1 in Shipping replacing Fitbit world’s top wearables vendor while Apple is not falling behind to 3rd position as it comes below under Xiaomi and Fitbit. So how we will believe in facts of Apple about Apple Watch sales?

But expecting higher sales for Apple Watch might see true as LTE smartwatch could solve many problems for many users as they will not carry the smartphone for some time and Apple Watch will become more reliable than ever. According to leaks, Apple Watch 3 will arrive in two model LTE and non-LTE version leaks also suggest that Apple Watch 3 will have same shape and design as previous Apple Watches.

New Sources also suggest that Apple Watch will not have Calling feature into LTE version as the user will use Apple Watch same as iPad which you carry to do some work on the go or use without the presence of Wi-Fi.

Apple Watch has received many offers in many countries to make sales of device more. LTE version of Apple will have the limited market as it is only capable of running LTE so other markets are having 3G or previous band don’t expect Apple Watch soon. While what do you think Apple Watch will replace iPhone? Do comment your valuable views on the comment section below, stay connected.


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