New Leaked Images Of ‘A11 Chip’ Will Power The iPhone 8: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is very near to its release and expectations with the Apple’s new smartphone is very high among users. A very latest news about the device is related with its latest processor.

New leaked images posted to Slashleaks depicting the A11 series chip which is going to be a part of upcoming iPhone 8 is seen online. These images are clear enough to suggest that this new processor will be present in the Apple’s iPhone 8.We already have much news suggesting that this year Apple will release three new smartphones that would be named as iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, and all the models are expecting to come with an A11 chip.

iPhone 8 May Surprise Users With Many Awesome Features

The 10-nanometer chip is manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) which is the only supplier of the chip to the Apple. The newly developed chip will provide the better speed and it will be more power efficient as compared to currently available A10 chip in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus released last year. with the new chip, the device will have long battery life and give better performance in terms of speed.

If the speed of the device having new chip is compared with the speed of Galaxy S8 then it will come to the more than twice because the A11 chip has successfully achieved Geekbench scores between 4300 and 4600 in single core test and in multi-core tests it achieved between 7000 and 8500 whereas Galaxy S8 have achieved a single best one for you.ore score of 1966 and multi-core score of 6502. So if you want to run your device faster than the upcoming iPhone 8 would be the best device for you.

Apart from the new A 11 chip, Apple will introduce many new features in its upcoming iPhone 8 which includes OLED edge-to-edge curved display with glass panels and no home button, wireless inductive charging, 3D facial recognition feature, improved water resistant and much more. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be released in the month of September this year.


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